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Yes, Dan (aka the bicycle junkie) has been riding lately. Click on a logo above or click here for the photo section of his bicycling links page.

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Goese Golf Course (Holland/Netherlands)
Goese Lyceum

The Goese children have
been told that the Goese name is German. But in Germany, they'll tell you it's a Dutch name and it doesn't mean anything in German. What's the deal?? There are conflicting stories. Here's the disputed story as told by John Goese:

Our Great Grandpa William Gösser was from Deutschland (yes, that's Germany). When he immigrated to the US in the early 1880's, he changed the name to "Goese." This "shortened" version is more Dutch than German, but apparently he thought he was making things easy for the Americans. (Go figure.)

Anyway, he wanted to live in Florida, but the immigration official, seeing "sheepherder" on his immigration form, sent him to Wisconsin. Well, as things turned out, the Gösser / Goese family found its way to Florida over a hundred years later when Jim and Doris moved from the Chicago area to Sarasota Florida. We may not be fast, but we're persistent.

Jim Goese (Sr.) says this isn't quite accurate, but until he comes up with another story that sounds as good (maybe one involving space aliens or something like that), we'll stick with this one. Here are interpretations of the pronunciation of Gösser and the Americanized Goese.

And what happened to the rest of the Gösser clan that didn't cross the pond in the 1800's? From the looks of the web site (click on the Gösser logo), some of our distant cousins have also relocated but remained on the continent, producing an outstanding Austrian energy drink in the city of Leoben in central Austria. A favorite item on the site is the laid-back 1954 commercial (in Windows Media format). Cheers!!


When the power of love
overcomes the love of power,
the world will know peace.

Jimi Hendrix


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The kids come first, but we
have other diversions, too...

Dan hits a new "PR" (personal record)
in a 20km time trial in 2007.
Apparently the goofy space helmet
helped him go faster.

Click on the space helmet...
Click on photo for full image.

Dan pulls the pack for a few laps
in the 2006 El Cajon Grand Prix criterium "crit"
race before he learns about conserving energy
for the final sprint.
(photo by Mitch Clinton)
Dan Goese in El Cajon Grand Prix 2006

Click on photo for full image.

The old fart is still racing in 2008, shown
here preparing to sprint to 5th place in
the San Diego Cyclovets Omnium criterium.
(photo by Donna Duarte)

Click on the sweaty dude to get your mouse wet.
Click on photo for full image.

133 mph (max) on two slightly fatter wheels...
... fast enough "for a nut case"

Life is a wheelie!
A brief pause on the bike that doesn't like standing still.

>200+ mph – too insane to try again...
...unless you'll join me

Houston, we have nausea...
Before briefly blacking out, flying a Marchetti
combat training aircraft upside down
over the coast of California (2002).

Rule of Thumb:
"If it's upside down and burning,
you drank too much and went too fast."




Ride on!! For bicycle links, see La Jolla Vélo.

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