Allowance Policy & Process


Monthly cash payment: $50.00 (subject to conditions & deductions as described herein).

Monthly student savings* deposited directly to savings account, made once a quarter: $50

Total monthly allowance: $100.00



Charitable Donations – Once a year, sometime during the fourth quarter, a total of $120.00 (10% of gross allowance) will be taken from the student savings account and donated to the charitable cause of your choice.

Citizenship Infractions (CI) – On occasion, when verbal warnings carry insufficient weight to correct undesirable behavior, fines may be levied. The amount of the fines will be communicated at the time of the infraction. CI deductions will be made from the subsequent month's cash payment.



Allowance recipients still receive the following benefits (along with a roof over your head and free utilities) and are not responsible for payment thereof:

  • Room & board (meals at home & family outings, and food for packing school lunches, picnics, etc.)
  • Clothing that we deem necessary
  • Transportation to necessary events
  • Entertainment expenses on family outings


The following are NOT covered:

The following expenses are not covered and must be paid for with the cash payments you receive (not the student savings from your savings account):

  • Cell phone charges that go beyond the base level of minutes (including text messaging & "Get it Now" charges)
  • Food purchased at school or when eating out on the town with friends
  • Movies & entertainment with friends (Note: We may–at our discretion–provide funds for movies or special events that you engage in with friends.)
  • Clothing that you deem necessary but we deem unnecessary

*Your student savings account should remain intact and untapped until you go to college, at which time you are free to use the savings for your own living expenses.

See the "College Allowance Policy" which replaces this process once you have begun college.


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