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You may have never heard of my little sister Mimi Goese or her first band Hugo Largo, but from my perspective she seemed to be somewhat of a darling within the music industry. Some musicians you probably HAVE heard of have enjoyed working with her in one capacity or another in the past...

At least one member of the Goese family (me, Dan) will let the world know when anything happens in his life. Mimi is not like that. Mimi just quietly does what she does, often without telling her own siblings. When I was working at MusicMatch one of my co-workers brought my attention to a whole CD of remixes Moby had done with Mimi's voice from her work with him on tour and on his album Everything is Wrong several years prior. Yes, we've pummeled her for this secretive behavior, and now she shares more information about her upcoming concerts.

This page was created in September 2017 and I'm always open to suggestions for edits. After referring interested friends to various links for decades, I finally woke up (while trying to find those links over and over again) and decided I could just send them to this page (www.goese.com/mimi) that will eventually include most of the links I'm aware of.

This is a photo of Mimi several years ago, sitting up high in the giant banyan tree at our parents' old Lakeshore Drive house in Sarasota. Even before special effects were added, the original photo was blurry and ethereal, which I thought was a good match with the typical listener's first reaction to her music.

Ancient History:
My little sister Mimi has been making music for longer than I can remember. Like most of us nine Goese children, she would occasionally sing around the house. I knew our mom had a great voice, but I couldn't necessarily tell that Mimi had a great voice, too. Maybe she didn't know, either, because when she went off to college she focused on modern dance and performance art. Fortunately her voice developed and was discovered by others who ultimately made it possible for the world to hear.

The first concert I ever saw her in was when she came with Hugo Largo to San Diego, backing up Björk and her band the Sugarcubes. Later I saw her play backup to the Pixies in LA, where some pricks stole her band's whole cash haul for their performance that night. (They are dead now.) I've seen her play in New York, too. I wish I could have seen them all because she's definitely an interesting act to see "live."


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