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Memento mori.
Fac significantia.


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2014 Release: ClassroomAquatic virtual reality (VR) game
compatible with Oculus Rift VR goggles. (Mickey Goese)
Help fund the project and get special goodies here.


Hello America! Please stop supporting Israel's apartheid...and enjoy some modern music with an important message by Jasiri X (below). Imagine the heat our USA immigration authorities would take if they treated people the way the people in this video are being treated by Israeli authorities. Love your enemies.

P.O.W.E.R. Ω People Oppressed Will Eventually Rise

Once upon a time, in a place far, far away called "Wisconsin,"
a young couple fell in love and married...

Doris & Jim met each other at a Friday night
"Marquette Mixer" on December 16, 1949.
Click to see the Dragon! :)

Mom sez, "...at this point [above], we weren't
even really serious about each other."
Not yet, perhaps. But somewhere down the road,
somebody got serious & something clicked...NINE times.

James Mark Goese
Jane Goese Cowan
John Patrick Goese
Thomas Reuben Goese
Daniel Paul Goese
Mary Lucille Goese
Michael Joseph Goese
Joseph Timothy Goese
Katherine Anne Goese

65 years later, Jim & Doris Goese are still smiling and having fun together!
We're all alive and healthy, nobody's in jail, and we have each other's love.
Mom & Dad
World's Greatest Parents
turn 83 years old in 2014!

One Love

Mimi Goese Music:
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| Into the Blue (w/ Moby) | About Mimi |

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